Please have a look around and maybe even contact us so we know what you want us. We’d really appreciate your views on what you like and don’t like about our website and we’d be happy to hear your ideas on anything else you’d like to see us include.  This is your chance to help shape the future of what will be the greatest Transport Simulator website of all time (well, we thought it’d be best to aim high!)

Why are we doing this?

We both like transport simulators, so that’s a good start. We are hoping this website will give us a chance to discover new ones, play more of the ones we love and interact with others who have got hooked on them – sharing our thoughts and experiences along the way!

What are transport simulators?

You might have your own definition of a transport simulator.  You might include any type of vehicle from skateboards to bikes or from motorcycles to Boeing 747s and everything in between.  Anything which can transport a person from A to B could be the focus of a transport simulator. However, we prefer playing simulators for vehicles which we wouldn’t normally get the chance to operate, as we discuss below. . .

The simulators we focus on in this site have 3 main features:

Complex vehicles – These are the vehicles that you’d need specialist skills to operate.  You’d need lengthy training and special licences.  Lots of people (ourselves included!) are cyclists and many people also drive cars, but not as many would ordinarily get the chance to drive trucks, buses, trains and ships or fly planes. Simulators are a fantastic gateway to these experiences!

Complex work – The simulators we will focus on in this website have a ‘big job to do’.  Now, this might be transporting goods (from blocks of cheese to toxic chemicals), transporting people (buses, trains or planes…and ships) or doing some other complex task, such as ploughing a field.  The simulator will often involve a ‘business management’ component, so it’s not just about driving the vehicle.  For us, realism in the job is just as important as the driving/flying/sailing experience – you need to be almost an Economist on certain simulators!

Freedom – The simulators we are interested in offer lots of freedom of travel.  They are non-linear games and generally they give you a sandbox playing experience.  For example, you can decide to transport logs by road from London to Paris one day or fly from Chicago to Las Vegas the next (maybe taking a detour via Death Valley).

In short, the simulators we are interested in have a lot more buttons, dials, pedals, paddles and probably much bigger consequences if the driver/pilot gets things wrong.  You don’t just drive around the same circuit trying to improve your time or try to perfect some crazy snowboarding aerial (which are both also fun by the way) you get the chance to go way off road, off track, the whole world is in front of you – the sky’s the limit!

Why transport simulators are taking off (so to speak)

Let’s not forget that today we live in a world of 50 ,60 ,70 inch screens right in front of our eyes and virtual reality that can really get your heart pounding.  This means we are getting close to replicating reality.  It’s exciting times and it can only get better!

So, sorry to say, but even though we love playing games like, Need For Speed, The Crew, The Grid and Burnout Paradise, that’s not what we’re about on this website.

If you’re passionate about transport simulators, then stick around and we would love to hear from you!

Getting around Simplay Transport

We’d like to think that our website is fairly easy to navigate. Currently, we have several options of which type of transport simulator you wish to find content about (eg: truck simulators) and if you simply hover over with your curser, you’ll be able to find a variety of content. Remember that this website is always growing and new content should come through quite frequently.

Anyhow, for now there isn’t much else for us to talk about, so we guess it’s time to ask you to enjoy our creation!

PS: We’d like to stress once more that if you do have any advice/feedback for us, we’ll be more than happy to read hear it, so please either comment on our twitter page or you can easily create Simplay Transport account to comment directly on the website.