Released on the 29th May 2015, BeamNG brought out one of the best simulators we’ve ever played. to us is one of the most creative and imagination filled simulators you can get on the market today. Read on to discover why we like it so much and our opinions on the different features of the game.

What is the simulator all about?

This simulator is incredibly immersive and it offers immense possibilities. It’s not the usual type of simulator that we’d talk about on here simply because of the large variation of maps, vehicles, scenarios and so much more, but tis has made it even more fun for us! On this simulator, if you want to drive a car or a caravan off a cliff and see what happens, you go ahead and do just that!

Anything that you want to do to a car, a van, a truck or maybe even a bus can be done (to an extent we suppose). To make this experience even better, BeamNG have even introduced Soft Body Physics so you can simulate real ‘life like’ crashes.

However, these pictures below will show you that the sheer freedom that this game gives has allowed us to drive more recklessly than we otherwise would!



There is a great selection of vehicles you can use. As well as the impressive quantity of vehicles, every vehicle is built with so much detail and realism that it actually makes them look like copies of the real versions. Usually on simulators and in fact on games in general, the interiors of the cars leave a lot to be desired. However, BeamNG  have made the interiors look rather realistic and we strongly appreciate this. When driving around, the physics and noises of the vehicle feel crisp – not ‘cartoony’ or like they’ve been made in a Year 8 IT class. Therefore, we can safely say it’s evident that the developers have put a lot of thought into making the vehicles as accurate as they can possibly be.

Every element of how you drive effects the car like in real life. For example, if you rev the engine too hard or you drive over a bump with too much force, you will damage the engine and suspension. Not a lot of simulators have ever ventured down this route until now! All vehicles are fully customisable in the menu, meaning you could be driving a rally version of the stock car for example (too many options!). As well as being able to add and remove features from the car, there is also a tuning option which lets you mess around with items such as tyre pressure and camber adjustments.



As we have said previously, is a very creative and customizable game. It allows you to choose many options to make your drive as personal as you want. In the menu, as well as being able to choose from a selection of vehicles to add into the map, you can also add different items such as ramps and even massive footballs! We admit that this particular feature isn’t the most realistic thing in the game, but if you want big crashes and amusing fun then it’s something to give a go.

By pressing the key F11, you will be brought to a map editor. This will allow you to move and add objects on a larger scale to the map. With this feature, you can even create your own map starting on a flat grid surface within the map editor (this is the opportunity to let your imagination run wild!). If you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up or adding stuff to your own map, you can always download mods. You could get an unofficial map that someone else has made, or even another vehicle. If you feel like doing some challenges, you can play them from the scenario page. You can participate in all sorts of exciting events here, such as police chases or off-road driving in Jeeps.

  These are some of the objects you can use         These are some of the scenarios you can play on


The texture quality of all the maps is quite average, but a lot of detail has been put into the scenery. For example, there is a really cool canyon map with a variety of different terrains covering vast area. This makes off-roading so much more fun. Besides from this, the game also has a camera with a slow motion mode. This can slow down a crash extremely effectively, to 2000 frames per second for example.


As we mentioned earlier, this game has a good modding community with maps and vehicles. As well as this, the community also includes a lot of support. For example, there are websites such as BeamNG Wiki, BeamNG Forum, BeamNG Subreddit and BeamNG Steam Community


We want to stress to you that we feel as though this game is simply a must buy. The creativity, the graphics and the community are three strong factors as to why we feel this way. For only £18.00 on Steam and with the positive reviews it comes with, this has got to be one of our most loved simulator of all time so far.


System Requirements

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