Astragon Entertainment released Construction Simulator 2015 in November of 2015. This construction simulator introduced a fun environment for players to build upon (or so to speak!).

What is the objective of Construction Simulator 2015?

In this simulator, you own a construction company – you’re the boss! As you’re the boss, it’s up to you to decide which building contracts you would like to take, which vehicles you want to buy and if you really want to complete the job or not!

The process of completing contracts on this simulator is very similar to the process construction businesses have to go through in real life. For example, you may have to visit a materials dealer or gravel plant to have the materials needed for the job. As well as being able to drive freely around the map to do your more ordinary contracts, you can also do special contracts such as building a sports track.

The point of these contracts are obviously to make money, but also to unlock certain things such as a larger facilities to store your large collection of vehicles. Also, by earning more money, you’ll clearly be able to buy more sophisticated equipment. For example, you could buy a larger trailer to carry dirt so you don’t have to make as many journeys to dump it.

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The Vehicles 

There are different types of construction trucks to buy (the flatbed truck or articulated) and we’ve found that they’re all very interactive. However, there are many more types of vehicles that you can drive (and if it was only the trucks you were interested in then Ets2 or Ats would be more up your street!).

As this is a simulator that is set on building sites, there are many types of vehicles available which have different pieces of equipment attached to them – cranes for instance. As you become more experienced on this game, the vehicles become progressively a lot more complicated. It may take quite a while to get used to the controls on certain vehicles, but the more vehicles, the more your company grows!

The driving physics on Construction Simulator 2015 are a bit naff. Driving the vehicles simply doesn’t feel anything realistic as it would on many other simulators reviewed here. However, we understand that it’s not really built to be a full on driving sim, so we’ll let the developers off the hook this once! If Ets2 had this problem we’d tell you to avoid it like the plague! 

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How Does It Feel When Roaming Around

This simulator gives you a lot of freedom, which we really like. The map feels like a scaled down version of the Ets2 world, but despite the smaller size there are many interactive areas to visit. However, the let down to this freedom is that the texture quality of the world isn’t great and the frame rate can be quite low, even with a good computer. 

DLC /Add Ons

Construction Simulator 2015 offers one large DLC called the ‘Gold Edition’. This comes with Vertical Skylines and a bigger range of vehicles. We’d say that it’s worth buying this if you enjoy the simulator, as you do get a lot more for this £10.00 add on, such as an increasingly larger amount of jobs and more vehicles.

If you want to get a forklift or some professional tools, we’d highly recommend getting the Gold Edition. If this is not enough, the creators/developers have built in a multiplayer option so you have the opportunity to play with friends on the building site. If you’re a beginner, you could always call on your mate to help.

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Construction Simulator 2015 has brought together so many aspects of a good simulator, a few examples include: multiplayer, visual affects, freedom and a variety of transport. Even though some ratings suggest that this simulator is a bit of a let down, we feel as though it has introduced what construction is all about in the best possible way so far.

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System Requirements

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