Released in November 2018, Giants Software brought out their new and updated version of Farming Simulator. There have been several similar simulators released in the past, all of which have gathered a variety of enthusiasts, ranging from curious non gamers who are interested in farming to the usual hardcore simulator players. Whatever the fanbase, we feel that these simulators have definitely given enjoyable experiences in the past – they’ve certainly taught us a lot about agriculture!

Now though, the question is whether Farming Simulator 2019 carried on this trend with broad audiences and positive views? In this review we will tell you what this game is all about and all of the upsides and downsides to this simulator.

What is this sim all about?

The principle of the simulator is that you are a farmer and it’s your objective to expand/grow your own stable farm – as you can see, the concept hasn’t changed compared to earlier versions. On your own or with friends, you will have to earn money through a variety of ways, such as doing jobs for other people (using your farmland), selling produce from your animals or selling your crops that you have grown. It’s your responsibility to sow, fertilize and harvest the crops as well as looking after the land and animals!

Before starting this career, you will have to first choose from three options. One option is the career mode, ‘New Farmer’ gives you land and equipment to start off with as well as some tutorials to get you going. The second mode is ‘Farm Manager’ and this gives you funds but no equipment and land, so it’s all up to you. The most challenging mode ‘start from scratch’ throws you right in at the deep with limited funds, no land, no equipment and a really tough economy. There are two maps to choose from (excluding mods – that we’ll talk about later) including Ravenport and Felsbrunn.


There are vehicles for practically any job on the farm from forestry vehicles (for chopping down trees and transporting logs) to harvesters and all in between. All vehicles are very detailed on the inside and outside, meaning they look all very similar to the real things. The physics of all vehicles are all fairly impressive; it’s noticeable for example that the tractors bob up and down as they drive across rough terrain.

We’re glad to inform you that the vehicle brands seem are real brands – farming enthusiasts will recognize iconic brands such as Massey Ferguson or New Holland (Over 10 brands). Giants Software have now introduced John Deere (the largest agricultural company in the world) to the simulator; in previous versions John Deere vehicles weren’t available. Another new feature with vehicles is the fact that you can now also get around the map on a horse, which is a bit out of the ordinary but surprisingly very fun!


If you want your farm to work like clock work, you are defiantly going to need some equipment! You can buy attachments and trailers from the shop so you are able to perform different jobs. For example, if you want to be able to mow some grass (to make more hay or silage), you can get mower attachments for your tractor. Even though you could do this in the past farming simulators, there are now more of each equipment to buy.

The Farming in a Nutshell

There are a vast amount of things to do on this simulator, but here we’ll tell you about the main experiences:

. Crop Farming – Since the release of Farming Simulator 2019, the experience when ploughing, cultivating, seeding, fertilising and harvesting feels a lot more realistic because of the newly improved animations when performing these tasks. As well as this, you can now grow more types of crops including: Wheat, Barley, Cotton, Potatoes, Sugar Beet, maize, sunflower and oats

. Animal Farming – Cattle, pigs and sheep are available once again giving players an acceptable selection of animals to raise. Even though Farming simulator 2019 may have added a pet dog and horses, it would’ve been better to add more livestock such as goats in our opinion.

. Forestry Farming – As before in FS17, you can cut down trees and turn them into wood chippings. Even though there is a lot more equipment and vehicles for this job, the animations and noises you hear when cutting down the trees aren’t great. There hasn’t been much improvement to how it was in FS17.



Colours are vibrant and textures on the ground and buildings are really good. The render distance is rather impressive on PC but on XBOX and PS4, we’ve seen that this isn’t the case. As well as this downside, the shadows and lights flicker making it a somewhat uncomfortable viewing experience.

Mods and Multiplayer

There is a great selection of mods you can download from the in game mod menu. You can choose vehicles, equipment and maps to make your farming experience more personal. There is already enough equipment but why wouldn’t you want to mess around with even more?

Multiplayer is a really enjoyable experience because it allows you work with your friends to build up your dream farm. If on PC, you’ll be able to host up to 16 other players whereas on PS4 and XBOX, you can only host 6.


This simulator demonstrates that farming can be good fun for anyone in the gaming community. It includes a vast range of impressive details, such as a multiplayer, a mods menu and a large selection of equipment. However, if you don’t like the idea of repeatable jobs and if you’d easily be put off by some of the mediocre graphics, then this may not be the sim for you. However, due to the realistic farming experience that wouldn’t be easy to find elsewhere, we can definitely say that we’ve enjoyed playing this simulator and we’d be sure to recommend it.

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