This bus simulator (well, we should say coach simulator!) was released on the 25th of August 2016 by TML-Studios. Even though this simulator has received it’s fair share of criticism from previous reviews (Steam has negative recent reviews), we’d say that we really don’t think it deserves this. In this review, we’ll discuss some reasons why this game could be getting a negative outlook, but once you’ve begun reading you’ll soon see that the positives really outweigh the negatives in this simulator.

First though, you need to know what this simulator is all about (or ‘The Name of the Game’ as Abba would tell you!).

What is the objective of Fernbus Simulator and how to set up a journey

The idea of this coach simulator is that you are an employee of a company called Flix Bus. You are one of their many drivers picking up and dropping off people all over 40 cities built around the autobahns in Germany. When you are setting up a journey, you can choose the city that you want to start in (you will unlock more cities to start at when you discover them, this is a similar system to discovering cities on Ets2) and the city you want as your destination. Then, you can tune your coach by varying the chassis and livery to complete the set up.

After this, once the map has loaded, you’ll be able to enter your coach and drive to your passengers!


When entering the coach for the first time, you’ll quickly see how much detail the developers have put into making all of their MAN (manufacture of coach) coaches. The procedure of turning on and setting up the coach is very similar to the way you would set it up in real life. For example, you can set up the air conditioning on the coach (passengers will make their opinions heard on the temperatures you set, so don’t set it too high or too low!) or even turn on the onboard televisions for the passengers! What we’re trying to get at is the fact that there are so many features of the bus you can operate.

When driving, all movements feel like being on a real coach – the physics are incredibly impressive. For example, the coach sways from side to side as you go around corners and the coach bobs up and down just after you drive over a speed hump.

We do hope though that more brands are added in future updates or future versions of the simulator. Currently, there is only one brand to choose from (MAN). What is also disappointing is that there are only two variations of the MAN coach; we’re just craving more choice!



When pulling up to the bus depot ready to pick up your passengers, the passengers don’t just get on when you open up the door like any other bus sim/coach sim. Instead, you can go into first person mode and walk up to the passengers to book them by scanning their tickets, or buying them tickets with your ‘hand held phone’. This is a feature we’re extremely keen on and we can’t think of any other bus or coach simulators where this happens (off the top of our heads anyway!).

As well as being able to do this, you can also open up the storage area on the coach to allow passengers to load their luggage on board. This is a nice and realistic touch as most coach passengers in real life will be carrying luggage this way and it makes the interaction with passengers that much better. The passengers themselves are not badly textured and don’t look like robots when roaming around or when they are standing still – this is an issue we had with Omsi 2. When they speak, everything they say is in German, but if you don’t speak German you can use subtitles (remember that this is a German made simulator which is also set in Germany!).

  Booking in the passengers

Map and Scenery

As this bus simulator is technically a coach simulator, the routes are significantly longer than routes you’d find on other bus or coach simulators. This means that the map is bigger than your standard bus simulator map. We’ve found that it feels a lot more like a Ets2 or Ats map – you’re always travelling on motorways and between major cities. It is nice to have freedom on this simulator – you can choose different roads and cities to go in and through on the way.

The texture quality of the roads, trees and even buildings are also rather good compared to other simulators such as Omsi 2. In fact, Fernbus must have textures nearly good as Ets2 and Ats now! Yet another feature which this simulator excels at is the dynamic weather conditions. We all know that it isn’t dry and mild all the time, not even in Germany, so it’s pleasing to see that other weather conditions don’t look badly textured at all – TML studios didn’t cut any corners here!

  Scenic route out of the city

DLC’s and Add Ons

This simulator doesn’t have a variety of DLC’s just yet, but even so it still has some interesting ones. For example, there is a DLC called Fubball Mannschaftbus in which you can transport football players to their away matches. This is a very unusual but interesting and fun idea, which will be popular with the football fans among you. Fernbus also has it’s own Steam Workshop page, so you can download different liveries for your coach.

However, it’d be nice to see TML studios come up with a few more ideas.

  Fubball Mannschaftbus DLC


There are so many positive aspects to this simulator that make it worth buying. The graphics, vehicles, scenery and online community are all top quality and a lot of effort has been put into most areas of the simulator. Our expectations weren’t particularly high for this simulator due to the aforementioned many poor reviews but after playing it, we can confirm that we enjoyed it. In fact, our verdict is that this is one of the best bus/coach sims you can get on the market today.

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System Requirements

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