This simulator is a weird and rather surreal one!…

Even though this game could be classed as a transport simulator because of the driving elements in the game, we’re sure a lot of you will think otherwise. There is rather more to it than that.

Firstly, the character you play as is a ‘home alone’ teen. The parents have left him as they went away to some place (we don’t know where). This teen (you) has complete control of the house, the vehicles, the garage and the barn. This seems extremely dangerous and we’d say that the parents are incredibly irresponsible, but it makes an interesting storyline for sure!

As well as being in control of the house (which is actually a rather pleasant log cabin in rural Finland) you will also have to maintain your caracter’s fatigue, hunger, stress, thirst, dirtiness and urine levels. Lovely. This game is not for the faint hearted but these chores have to be done! Anyway, now that we’ve given you some of the story behind the weirdness, it’s time to get into the details!

In the top left of the screen, you can see the aforementioned fatigue, hunger, stress, thirst, dirtiness and urine levels

The vehicles

The parents own a rented blue van (based on a Toyota HiAce), a sewage truck (based on the Sisu M-series), a tractor (based on the Valmet 502), a moped (based on a Suzuki PV 50) and a car known as the Satsuma (but it is actually based off the Nissan Cherry). We won’t include the boat in this list because this is likely stolen from the parents! All of these vehicles are fully functional and have substantial detail. They all perform like rust buckets, but that’s the whole point!

Even though you can free roam in these vehicles, you can pick up shopping and pick up parts for the car (the Satsuma) due to the vast amount of space for your belongings to go. Also some of the vehicles, such as the tractor and the truck, can allow you to perform jobs (this will help you earn much needed money). The truck allows you to undertake a job of cleaning peoples sewage drains around the map and the tractor allows you to deliver wood.

However, even though these vehicles can be very useful, they can still take up a hefty part of your bill – these old vehicles love to guzzle fuel quicker than a drunk uncle guzzling wine!

The most fun part of My Summer Car by miles is being able to put together your own car (the Satsuma). You build this car piece by piece and bolt by bolt, using everything from crankshafts to pistons to new seats. We found that putting the car was incredibly rewarding, given that neither of us are mechanics! It also can be quite educational for those of you who aren’t so familiar with the mechanical side of cars!

Even though you see this all on a screen, it feels surreal as everything feels so technical and realistic. The creator has now added wiring for you to do on the car so it is even more challenging than before! After building the car, you are able to upgrade parts of it such as the exhaust pipe. When the upgrades are complete it is ready for a rally day in the car!

The Shops and Garages

My Summer Car has one main shop in an area called ‘Perajarvi’. Here, you can pick up parts for the car and also shop for food and booze. The shop owner is very weird and talks about milk going sour in the hot weather!This shop is also near a petrol station where you can fill the vehicles up with gas.

There is a mechanic shop in ‘Loppe’ called Fleetari’s repair shop. As well as repairing vehicles here, you can also sell junkyard cars to the owner. Last but not least is the garage near the main shop in ‘Perajarvi’. If you want to get some number plates for the car, this is where you go. It’s fantastic to see that Amistech Games and the one main developer of this simulator Johannes Rojola have thought of pretty much everything that the character would want and need in a game like this.

To conclude

We’ve found that My Summer Car is a very unique simulator that we’ve enjoyed playing. When we first heard about it, we were a bit cynical as we couldn’t get our heads around the plot! However, we’re pleased we gave it a chance and we’d definitely recommend it for gamers who are looking for something a bit different to play, and of course for those of you who are interested in mechanical practices.

There could be some tweeks made though, such as making the texture quality of buildings and scenery better. The simulator Is set in a beautiful area of rural Finland and improving the texture quality would really bring the gameplay to the next level!

Overall though, we’s heartily recommend this simulator!


System Requirements

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