Released in the 12th of June 2012, SCS software introduced a new truck simulator called Scania Truck Driving Simulator. Even though this simulator came out quite a while back, it still demonstrates fun and challenging mechanical skills. Read on to find out what Scania Truck Simulator is all about and to understand the upsides and downsides of this simulator.

What is this game all about?

To sum it up in one sentence, there are three parts to this truck simulator which include: learning to drive, competing and then putting your practical skills to the test in an open map. Before being able to drive your truck through the intense scenarios or drive around in the open world (free driving mode), you will first have to go through some of the tutorials in order to practice what you will be doing in the real thing, such as how to reverse a truck and trailer into a tight parking spot. The tutorials on Ets2 and Ats aren’t this intense!

When competing, you will have to manoeuvre your truck (the Scania R-series) through a variety of different settings, such as tight parking spaces. You’ll have to do this with cm precision – like in a geometry maths exam! You will be given a certain amount of points for every test you undergo with a time to show how well you did. After doing these sections of the game, you can then test your skills in a free roam map with a functional road network that includes AI traffic.

Vehicle And Cargo

Sadly, there is only one type of truck available to drive (the Scania R-series). Therefore, if Scanias aren’t your cup of tea, you’re out of luck (but then again it’s called Scania Truck Driving Simulator). Despite the lack of options for trucks, there are a variety of different cargo trailers with a range of cargo available, from cars to logs! The interior of Scania R-series is very similar to the interior of the Scanias in Ets2. It demonstrates very good detail inside and looks very similar to the interiors seen in the real Scania R-Series model.

As well as the impressive interiors, the exteriors are also incredibly accurate as they are on Ets2. However, there are no options to customise the truck (such as fitting new rims) to fit your own personal vehicle other than changing the colour. This is disappointing compared to Ets2, where there are multiple options to customize your truck.

Maps and scenery

Within the free roam map, there is a lot of detailed scenery including well textured buildings and trees. The map itself may not be as big as Ets2 (hardly a sixth as big) but the map in this case is here for you to get used to driving on the roads and building up your skills even further. As well as having a detailed free roam map, the challenges available have a variety of different scenarios, including a hair raising, narrow cliff edge drive.


This simulator is not for everyone because it takes time and effort to complete each challenge. If you don’t have the patience, the boredom will kick in quickly. However if you like the idea of challenge and want to enjoy driving around in some unique, detailed scenarios, defiantly give it a go.

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System Requirements

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