Below, we have reviewed in short our best simulator players on YouTube. Some may not be as popular as others, but they all stand out to be some of our favourites on the internet. These simulator players have been ranked from 1-5 (1 being the best and 5 being the worst). Even though I address 5 as being the worst, all of them still stand out in a positive light as they have made it to our top ten list. May the best YouTuber Win!


5.)  Giocoh

This channel mainly includes videos around the simulator ‘City Car Driving‘. The YouTuber does not speak out loud on video but silently drives a variety of downloaded cars around a map. Giocoh bases his videos around the type of car (obviously) and how he drives it. For example, ‘fast driving’, ‘street racing’ and ‘normal driving’. These modes mimic how he will drive the car in the video. It can be quite relaxing and also strangely satisfying to watch him drive around the city and motorways. He uploads daily and always gives reasonable video lengths. Sadly, we believe that there are negatives as well. For example, he does not speak and he mainly focuses his videos around one simulator.

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4.) SpeirsTheAmazingHD

This YouTuber picks popular simulators that people are bound to watch. At the moment, he plays two popular simulators called ‘My Summer Car‘ and ‘‘. Instead of taking simulators seriously, he likes to play around with them and have a laugh with his You Tube audience. I admit, it can be hilarious with all the unusual videos he creates, but he is rude in the making (strong language). He uploads daily videos with an average video length of 15 minutes. As for any other YouTuber there are negatives. Firstly, you may be put of by the substansial use of swearing. Also he does mess around a lot on the simulators. This maybe what you want from a simulator player, so I urge you to watch.


3.) Keralis

We are now moving onto a YouTuber who plays a variety of simulators but also games on consoles. Keralis is more into the world of imagination, so he picks simulators such as ‘City Skylines‘ and ‘Planet Coaster‘. These creative games are fun to watch as they give people like myself creative ideas. Also, a benefit of listening to Keralis is that he has a somewhat relaxing voice. It makes it very difficult to get annoyed with him! His videos are uploaded daily and his videos vary in length. Sometimes the video lengths are 30 minutes and some are half the time. The way he could improve would be to vary the simulator games he plays. For example, he could review new simulators that come out to increase his variety.

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2.) Matt Davies

For all Sim Aviation Enthusiasts, you should enjoy watching this YouTuber. He records his flights from departure to arrival. He flies a variety of planes on a variety of different simulators. For example, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, P3D and X Plane 11. He has bought a lot of downloadable content such as planes and airports which makes it enjoyable to watch (The Videos are different each time). This YouTuber takes these simulators seriously which gives a strong sense of realism to his videos. Even though he usually flies on his own, sometimes he takes a flight in a shared cockpit with another YouTuber/Twitch Streamer such as Squirrel. My only criticism is that his videos do not get published regularly. Apart from that minor criticism, I totally recommend this YouTuber.

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1.) Squirrel

We have got a winner! This YouTuber is a professional simulator player. He plays a variety of different simulators and includes a variety of different DLC’S. I cannot think of one well known simulator that he has not played! Even though he has a YouTube channel, he also has a twitch channel and a website. These really stand out as it is a way in which his viewers can interact with him. His passion for transport is reflected in his videos. They are always full of useful content and give a broad overview of the simulator. All of his videos are enjoyable to watch as they can be quite funny and even quite relaxing. He publishes a video every few days. He will always be one of SimplayTransports best YouTubers because of the pure effort he puts into his videos. I am not saying that any of the other YouTubers don’t put the effort in, but Squirrel has come so far from the time when he started YouTube.

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