Since starting this website, we’ve been lucky enough to play quite a vast range of simulators and during that time, we’ve subconsciously been deciding which ones are our favourite. Here, we list our top ten favourite simulators – we’d be happy to hear what you think or if there are any other transport simulators you think should be on the list. If you click on the simulator titles, you will be directed to our reviews of these sims.


10.) X Plane 10

If you want a cheaper version of X plane 11 but still want to have a realistic experience when flying, then this is definitely a simulator to consider. Even though Laminar Research released this sim in 2014, it still demonstrates a detailed flight experience (fully functional aircrafts and a scenic map). It was also the first plane simulator that we played and it taught us a lot about flying!


9.) Construction Simulator 2015

This may also be quite an old sim now, but it must still be alright if it get puts on our top 10 list! The variety of vehicles and the free roam map makes this sim worthy of a place on the list. As well as having these features, you can also walk/run around the map as much as your heart desires. The graphics and textures might not be as good as some other sims, but the principle of the game makes it really enjoyable.


8.) Fernbus Coach Simulator

This simulator is definitely one of the more interactive simulators on the list. As you drive your coach between major German cities, you have to keep your passengers happy or they are not going to score their trip well (it’s of paramount importance to keep the air conditioning at about 22 Degrees Celsius and not to go around corners too quickly!). The buses themselves are very detailed and the map is vast and scenic as well. However, the AI cars can be really buggy and there is only only one coach brand available (MAN). This simulator has the potential to rank much higher if these issues can be improved upon though!


7.) BeamNG Drive

This is a very creative simulator where you can really free your imagination. This is probably the only simulator we can think of where you can launch cars off cliffs and perform jumps in trucks (these examples are not even the start of what you can do in this simulator!). It’s a good game to mess around on, but it still retains a lot of realism with the driving and road. There are a variety of maps, vehicles and items to try out, so we doubt your enthusiasm will abate quickly!

The only thing that prevents this from ranking higher is the fact that none of many of the crazy scenarios which can be done on here would likely happen in life and isn’t that the whole point of a realistic transport simulator?


6.) My Summer Car

When playing this game from the time it was first released, we were not sure we were going to be able to the play game for hours on end but we were clearly wrong! The freedom and flexibility that this simulator gives really grew on us and we were soon enjoying the quirky plot. There were factors of many different simulators involved in this simulator, such as aspects of a more complicated version of car mechanic simulator as well as features similar to what is found on Ets2.

However, what lets this simulator down is the disappointing textures and graphics.


5.) Omsi 2 Bus Simulator 

If you want a hardcore but extremely enjoyable bus simulator, you would be heading the right way with this one. The buses are extremely detailed and look like incredibly accurate replicas of the real models. Also, there is a complicated but realistic way of setting up the routes; this isn’t very common with other bus sims. However, once again the texture quality and graphics really let this simulator down. If you compared the graphics of Omsi 2 with Bus Simulator 2019, you would see a big difference.


4.) Planet Coaster

This simulator takes the fourth spot because of it’s creativity and detail. Why wouldn’t you want to create your own dream theme park that you and others can test out? Your imagination is the limit with the designing of attractions (e.g. rollercoasters), shops (e.g. gift shops), scenery and so much more.

One improvement we can suggest is the addition of a management area of the game where you can operate the attractions and run the shops!


3.) Ats

Trucking around the Southwest of America on this simulator really does give you a good experience – yeehaw! The Southwest of America is incredibly beautiful and the map impressively reflects this. There are also some particularly detailed locations around the map such as Las Vegas (you can drive down the Las Vegas Strip!) and the Grand Canyon, as well as some really enjoyable routes to take from place to place. This simulator ranks highly and could’ve been a contender for the top spot, but it falls below Ets2 because of the the lack of choice of truck brands (only two) and the limited amount of states included. Great simulator though!

PS: Look out for Hoover Dam as you go between Arizona and Nevada on Highway 93!


2.) X Plane 11

This plane simulator takes second place – it gives an outstanding flying experience. You can fly anywhere in the world – imagine telling your grandparents 20 years ago that this would be possible on a simulator that anyone can buy in there lifetime! As well as the fact that the sheer concept is simply exceptional, the quality such as the textures and graphics are perfect as well. There is dynamic weather conditions, you can choose either to set conditions (great for practice) or to have the conditions random (great for realism) and all the land/ocean below when you are flying around is so staggeringly realistic.

If the airport terminals looked equally realistic and there was a TruckersMP style multiplayer, then this simulator would easily take top spot. 


1.) Ets2

The award for the best simulator goes to Ets2! This was one of the first simulators we ever played and it still remains our favourite. There are a variety of reasons for this simulator being the number one spot but the main reason is simply the concept of being able to drive on real, realistic European roads (Lots of them!) and being able to truck with your friends on an online community (Truckers MP). We keep coming back to this simulator and we know that due to there being a consistent stream of new DLCs available, this simulator will always be evolving and never be dull!