Released on November 2011 by Laminar Research, X Plane 10 has be one of the most popular and well heard of plane simulators in the community. This plane sim has been a solid contender for many years and still stays strong for many sim enthusiasts today even with the release of X Plane 11.

What We Like

Firstly, in this simulator you will get all sorts of interesting and unusual planes. For example: army planes, helicopters, United Airlines Boeing 747-400’s and much more. With all of the planes, you will always be able to plan the route and make it as fun or as long as you want. All of the interiors are very close to the replicas of the real plane cockpits (especially the Cessna). Large buildings and monuments are visible from above (the best bit of site seeing is when you get to the landing!). Another benefit of this flight simulator is that there are so many DLC’s available for purchase (there are even some free planes for the desperate flight simmers!). For example, I chose to buy the Boeing 777 for about £50.00. I know that you may be thinking that this price is quite steep for a computer generated aircraft, but it is worth the realism and the many functional buttons in the cockpit. If you are the one who wants an even more realistic Taxiing, take off and landing experience, there are a lot of airports available. For Example:

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X plane 10 can also generate different scenarios such as ‘engine failures’, ‘bird strikes’ and ‘smoke in cockpit’. They can be configured to start at a certain altitude or even a different speed (you have control at you finger tips!). Last but not least, X plane 10 deserves to be honoured a place as one of the most difficult simulators of all time. Small planes are difficult to fly and learn about, so you can imagine how difficult it is to get your head around one of the larger planes. Even though it may be difficult, it demonstrates the simulators realism and quality. So please take in mind it’s complexity before jumping into your bank account to buy this game.

What We Don’t Like So Much

Even though there are a lot of positives, you need to take in mind a few things that could be improved. If you are going to buy the game without buying any DLC’s, airports can look a bit scruffy. Don’ be surprised when you see poor detail on buildings and airport vehicles glitching through your plane. You may be quite disappointed to see a poor variety of big planes as well. This is why paying money on their store is usually a good idea when you are desperate to fly a Dreamliner or an MD-80. Also, this game does take up a lot of storage so do take in mind the size of your SSD or Hard Disk Drive (HDD). This game is also quite demanding with graphics so a good graphics card and processor is needed. I haven’t got really anything else negative to talk to you about!


Simplay Transport highly recommends this flight simulator because of it’s many opportunities. For example, the store and the map size. Even though the prices are steep, you are buying an educating game which really helps you learn the basic principles of flying and even the technical bits as well.

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System Requirements

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