Released on the 30th March 2017, this flight simulator has become the newly and improved model of X Plane 10. Even though X plane 10 may not show its age, Laminar Research has given X Plane 10 a big makeover.


Whats New?

The developers Laminar Research have decided to add more default aircraft to the menu screen. A Boeing 737 has been added and it could easily fool a sim player into thinking it was a pay ware aircraft. Despite the fact that some parts of the aircraft are not functional, the aesthetics of the aircraft are bang on and the noises you can hear are realistic. The quantity of default aircraft is exceptional and the quality of all of them is surpisingly good. All default planes have 3D cockpits and most of the features will function properly as they would on the real aircraft, bringing X Plane 11 into the top spot for realism in any flight simulator.

Not only are the interiors of the aircrafts crisp and impressively realistic, Laminar have even given us the option to customise the exterior of the aircrafts with company liveries on certain aircrafts such as the Boeing 737 (now you will be able to pretend to be a pilot from your favourite airline, such as American Airlines!).

  The American Airlines Livery

Even though X Plane’s aircrafts may be up to scratch, we’re sure that you’re wondering whether the scenery and airports impress as well. We found that there has been a big improvement to X plane 10’s scenery, although we couldn’t help noticing there is still a lack of realism in most of the 3D airports. The buildings may look fine further away but they look quite blurred close up – you still can’t tell KLAX and EGLL apart!

It is worthwhile buying some pay ware airports and scenery packs to spruce the environment up (you can buy these airports on X as well as other items such as an increased choice of aircrafts).  Even though the airport buildings could be improved, the taxiways and runways have been brought alive with new and updated AI Aircrafts. Instead of being alone on the runway and feeling a bit out, you can now wave hello to the new fellow visitors on the ground!

New Features I Love:

  • The weather modelling is now a lot fresher with more customisable options for players to choose from. For example, if you wanted heavy rain with a slight crosswind you can do it (anything is possible to an extent!). As well as being able to customise your scenario manually, the modelling system can also take real world weather from the web and depict this in the game just to make it that much more realistic.
  • There is now a new selection of simulated failures that have been added to test your flying ability to the max. If you have ever thought about how difficult it must be to land when all engines fail on a being 747, why not give it a go!
  •  There are now over 33,000 airports to travel to all across the globe which all show a good amount of 3D detail.
  • When flying over terrain on take off, cruising altitude or landing the terrain never gets old because of the full coverage and detail across the map.
  • The addition of Plane Maker allows players to model their own ideal aircraft.
  • The best feature in our opinion though is how you can go online and fly with fellow pilots using the LAN feature. Even though you cannot fly with others off LAN, it is still a great start knowing that they could optimise a fully online version in the future.

  Some of the beautiful scenery…

Setting Up A Flight

Setting a flight up is now easier than ever with Laminar’s easy to use User Interface. When configuring the flight, the menus are very structured and quick to setup. There is a modern airport menu that allows you to pick where to start within the airport within a clear diagram (birds eye view) of the airport. As well as this, there is a weather configuration menu which allows an easy setup for beginners, but also an advanced setup for the pros! This a big upgrade to how it was in X plane 10 as it is more usable with a larger variety of options for both airports and weather configurations.

  Airport Menu                  Weather Menu

How Are The Graphics?

We feel as though X plane 11 has introduced a new level of quality since X Plane 10 and the beta release of X Plane 11. Every cloud in the sky and every detail you see when flying has been made perfect. The authentic aesthetics have definitely made this flight sim move to the top of the pecking order when looking at the graphical content.

Laminar Research have done a great job since the buggy beta release as everything feels so much smoother and less jolty. This makes you appreciate the graphics so much more.

  Cirrus Vision SF50 (default aircraft)       Cessna 172SP (Default Aircraft)

Aircraft Detail

Laminar Research have ramped up the detail with X Plane 11. All of the interiors and exteriors of aircrafts look like real replicas of the aircraft you see flying around today. The best change though would be the 3D cockpits in all aircrafts. In X plane 10, 3D cockpits were not fully optimised in all planes causing there to be varied opinions on the detail of the cockpits. You could not appreciate the detail as much back then, but since the change in X plane 11, most of the opinions on the detail of the aircrafts are very positive. As well as there being 3D cockpits in all aircrafts, the gauges and screens on all aircrafts are nearly all functional and interactive; this isn’t the case on X Plane 10. We’re not just talking about pay ware aircrafts, we’re talking about the default aircrafts!

New X Plane 11 Aircrafts

  • Boeing 737-800
  • McDonnell Douglas MD80
  • Sikorsky S-76

Add-Ons (Payware and Freeware)

The X plane 11 community is heavily supported by Add-Ons such as scenery packs and aircrafts. There are a variety of aircrafts you can buy or download for free from X If you are going to take this game seriously and want to experience the full realism of this simulator, I really recommend these Add-Ons. There is a vast selection from many creators. The add-ons may not all have the same quality of detail and realism so remember to read the reviews and the descriptions before investing in something like this (they can be quite pricey!).

  Why not cruise through the sky with an A380?


Overall, this Flight Simulator has been a success. Everything within this sim feels like an upgrade from previous flight sims such as X plane 10 and FSX. If you want a reliable and creative simulator, definitely head down to X Plane 11  steam and think about purchasing this flight sim.

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System Requirements

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